A year ago, the free “myPetShare” App was launched in the Apple Store and on www.myPetShare.com and now also in the Play Store for Android! It has been developed in four languages: English, German, Spanish and French. Since then, the number of users has grown steadily. It is a Social Network for Pets, where Images, Videos, Information and Services are posted and shared.
Pet-Profiles with Photos and Videos are created for your own favorite animal. As with Instagram, other users can follow different profiles, like, comment and share images. Even if you don't own a pet, you can still be part of the experience, enjoying cute adorable pictures or funny videos of the pet gallery.
The practical value of “myPetShare” lies in the Service section. There, the App users can offer or search for a service around their pet. Every user is able to see services worldwide, sorted according to distance to their location. If you are traveling with your four-legged friend, you can search for a veterinarian or a pet shop in the area. With the growing network, new services or search queries are added every day.
Basically, advertising on “myPetShare” is free. If you want to get a slightly larger ad with an image, you can do it for a dollar a month via “Service Pro”. Companies and charitable animal foundations now have the opportunity to book their own Video Channel on «myPetShare».

“MyPetShare” was founded out of an urgent need to share experiences or find solutions to the daily concerns of a pet owner in a supportive network of animal friends. Three friends, two Swiss and one Spaniard, who commute in their professional and family life between Zurich, Shanghai, Vienna, Stockholm and Madrid, in the spring of 2014 began talking about the difficulties of having a pet and traveling at the same time - how to find someone to take care of pets in their absence or seek special services for their animals nearby. What began as an idea for a “pet-sharing” app soon expanded to a “social media app for pets” where you share images, videos, information and services. Petshare AG was founded in Zurich in 2015 to develop the App “myPetShare” and the www.myPetShare.com website.

How does myPetShare work?


Displayed in the gallery, the first menu item of the app, are images and videos of pets. The latest entries are at the top. You have two views to choose from: Timeline or Mosaic view. You can make an animal your favorite by pressing the star, like a picture, write comments and share it with your friends. A search box allows you to find animal breeds, pet names or owners faster. The filter button lets you refine your search to certain types of pets (for example only show pictures of dogs), favorites, my likes or my pets, and sort according to distance and number of “likes”. In the header of the gallery are video channels of companies or animal foundations that show interesting short films or multimedia screenshots.


The favorites section displays all the pets from the gallery you have tagged as favorites, as well as your favorite services from the service area.

Add a picture

This feature allows you to quickly take a picture or video and add it to the profile of the corresponding pet. You can also upload pictures from your photo library.


Under this menu item you can make known your own inquiries or offers of services. In the map view you can see all the “Pet Services” (indicated by a blue drop) near your current location. In case you want to change the location, just search it on the map and press a couple of seconds on the new place to show all the services in that area.You can add your own service by tapping the + icon at the top right of the screen. You have two options: The “Standard Service”, which allows you to only add text and it’s free or “Service Pro”, which includes image, more text space and the website. This can be booked for $ 1 a month in the app.


All messages you receive are listed under this menu item. So you can communicate with other users and follow the activities related to your services and pets. All the users commenting on the same post will receive notifications on comments from other users.